• FALL GRIZZLY HUNT (10-day boat hunt)

  • SPRING GRIZZLY HUNT (10-day boat hunt) 


The Mountain Grizzly is found throughout the entire hunting area, from rugged sheep mountains to the river valleys. Grizzly hunting is beyond a doubt the most unpredictable hunting venture that you will undertake. A big mature Grizzly may be your hardest earned trophy.

We offer both spring and fall hunts for Grizzly. Average size is 7.5 feet square., with the area producing several bears over 8 feet square.

Spring Bear hunts are conducted from a boat along the Pelly and Yukon rivers.  The primary method of hunting is spot and stalk.  Black Bears are numerous in spring, we have about a 50/50 Black Bear to Colour Bear ratio, and all Grizzly hunters can harvest 2 Black Bears at no extra charge.