"...great crew of people, great horses, very professional outfit..."
-Gordon, Alberta

30+ Years of experience

Dean, Lori and their three children began outfitting in the Riding Mountains in Manitoba in 1988.  After owning several hunting outfits over the years, we are very proud to be owners of Concession #14 in the Yukon.  2020 will be our 16th year in the Yukon.

Raising horses, hunting, guiding and outfitting has always been a way of life for our family.  We continue the Yukon tradition and use horses for transportation and packing on all our backcountry hunts.
As a family we have travelled to many parts of the country and world to work, hunt, guide and seek adventure.  It is our belief the Yukon is the "last great place" for all of these.  You get to step back in time 150 years and still have access to the convienence of modern day technology.
We invite you to come and join us, enjoy true wilderness and the hunt of a lifetime!