Trophy Stone Outfitting
P.O. Box 33142
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 6S1
Phone: (867) 994-2200
Cell: (867) 336-3326
S u g g e s t e d   E q u i p m e n t   L i s t

- Waterproof Hiking Boots (good grip sole
   & heal)    
- Waterproof Rain Gear (top & bottom)    
- Good/Warm Sleeping Bag
- Duffle Bags (2 bags 35 pounds each)
- Soft Gun Case
- Warm Coat
- Cotton Pants
- Wool/Fleece Pants
- Long-Underwear (top & bottoms)
- Underwear, T-shirts & Handkerchiefs
- Wool/Fleece/Flannel Shirt
- Wool/Fleece Sweater/Jacket
- Tennis Shoes/Slippers (when drying out
   your Boots)
- Unlined Gloves
- Lined Warm Gloves (2 Pair)
- Warm Hat with Flaps/Stocking Cap
- Ball Cap
- Wool & Cotton Socks
- Pocket/Hunting/Skinning Knifes

- Waterproof Matches & "Bic" Lighter
- Plastic Water Bottle (quart size)
- Small Day Backpack (to carry
- Lightweight Flashlight & Batteries
- Candle
- Wrist or Pocket Watch
- Soap/Shampoo/Shaving Kit
- Rifle & Ammunition
- Binoculars
- Camera/Film/Memory Cards/Batteries
- Chapstick, Sunscreen, Aspirin, Rolaids,
   Band-Aids, Moleskin, etc.
- Prescription Medicine
- Personal First Aid Kit
- Insoles
- Lens paper
- Towel/Wash Cloth

Passport / Custom Papers
-Firearms Declaration
Optional: Spotting Scope with Scope Caps, Pen, Pencil, Paper, Moisturizer, Snow Seal (Waterproofer), Gaiters, Candy, Liquor or Beer (Limit 1), Sunglasses, Goretex Sleeping Bag Cover

Sheep Hunts:
Framed or Internal Frame Backpack on most sheep hunts, Waterproof Hiking Boots (Make sure they are broken in!). Fleece clothing is best as it is warm, lightweight and dries quickly.

Mixed Bag Hunts:
Insulated Hiking Boots or Waterproof Boots with thinsulate removable Liners ("Snow Packs") (extra pair of liners), Wool Clothing

You may or may not have time for fishing. It depends on where you will be hunting. Lightweight collapsible fishing gear is recommended. Spinners, spoons and small flies work well. A fishing licence is included with your hunting licence.

No Giant Duffle Bags Will Be Flown Into Camp
(pack two duffle bags at 35 pounds each)

Buy quality gear and be familiar with your equipment
Use common sense on weight and amount of gear you bring
Keep gear to 70 pounds plus rifle

Your hard gun case, extra gear, suit cases, etc. must be left at the hotel in Whitehorse

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Trophy Stone Outfitting Ltd - 2014
Hunt Info
"...Outstanding country, lots of game, the best 10 days of my life..."
-Shane, Alberta
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